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About the game

To the fields and beyond!

It's a beautiful day out here in the countryside.  Might as well enjoy it doing your job. Grow some plants, sell some veggies, or head to town to buy some new tools for the farm. 

Our goal is to release regular content updates, new mechanics, and tweaks to existing systems based on community feedback and discussions, so we would love for you to join us on our discord and help us shape this game! 





  • Enjoy the countryside.
  • Grow more than 15 different kinds of plants.
  • Sell vegetables to gain money and buy new tools.
  • Work hard or hardly work.
  • Work at day or night with the daynight cycle.
  • Continue your journey with saving inside your house.
  • Do some fishing.
  • Do some cooking.
  • Do some mining.
  • Play with real time OR play with a faster simulated time.
  • Unlock items for your house or the farm!

WARNING : This game is virtual reality only. That means you cannot play this game without one of the supported VR headsets. 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/harvest_vr
Instragram: https://www.instagram.com/harvest_vr_official/
Discord: https://discord.gg/mM2UsAF


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Harvest VR 0.0.10 - Quest.apk 93 MB
Harvest VR 0.0.10 - Rift.zip 92 MB

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Hi there, do you have plans of supporting SteamVR compatible headsets? Like Vive and Index?

We don't have any plans for supporting SteamVR. Sorry!
You can try the Rift build from this page and see if it works though, as we don't rely on Oculus anymore. 

Where do i sell the crops?

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Hi! You can sell them in the collection bin ( big woorden box) near the farming area. Just open the door and throw your sellables in.

Will you be releasing a version for other headsets or just rift/quest?

We focus on Quest & Rift. It might work on other PC headsets though. I dont have the devices so I cant test.

great Game, Thanks

Thanks man! Glad you like it. The latest release is actually a lot better. You should try it!

when i start the game it gets stuck everytime on my windows 10

Hi, I would love to help out with your problem but unfortunately I cannot reproduce this issue with this much information! If you provibe me with a bit more information I will see if I can find the problem. 

  • Can you try to explain what exactly happens?
  • What device are you on?
  • Do you mean the game crashes or freezes on start? or after you started playing.
  • Does it happen everytime?

Im on widows 10 it freezes when i start the game it looks like a black thing and it freezes pls help me out it happens every time

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Are you on Oculus Rift? Do you have other VR games that are actually working?

I dont have a vr system just my phone and my pc

I'm really sorry but this game is VR only.  This means you will need a virtual reality headset to play the game.

really want to try it but is it compatable with the rift s im only getting  the quest apk and the vive zip file 

There is only a Quest version & a Rift version. So I wonder how you got a Vive version! :P Rift S should probably run Rift version no problem. Try it!

my bad i was tired and read it wrong lol

10/10 cant wait for the full game

Thanks. VERY big update coming soon :)

Hey man, the game is amazing, even if it is in development yet, please continue with this amazing project, adding more and more content. And if you could enable donations through itch or other plataform i would absolutely help you out with some dollars.

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Thank you! Donations are now enabled. We disabled them at first because we weren't that far in development. But I guess it's OK to turn it back on again :) We will continue to develop as this is a passion project for us. Hope you will like what's coming next!

This game doe need a lot of work but oddly is addictive. Is this why people garden in real life?

Your link is invalid, create a new invite but MAKE SURE, it has no time limit or use limit


Oh whoops. You are completely right. Sorry! Already changed to link on Sidequest and forgot to change the link here. Here you go!

when i use the discord link, i have a message invalid invitation...
how many people are in you team ? you will put your game to Sidequest ?
i want to publish my game to sidequest but i'm waiting to have implemented more gameplay elements.
i am alone for develop and im from france :)

Oh whoops. You are completely right. Sorry! Already changed to link on Sidequest and forgot to change the link here. Here you go!

The game was released on Sidequest as soon as it released here.
We are a 2 man team working on this in our spare time.

Nice to hear you are also working on something! Any details you can share?

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I've try Harvest VR V0.01 yesterday and it's a game that has a lot of potential !! really relaxing ! I post some feedback on your discord.
i will create discord soon for my game, and the version V0.5 is comming soon, hope you will test it :)

Nice! Will definitively try it!

your game looks awesome , great job :) im a dev too, and i know that a lot of work to make a game like this, well done :)

Thank you for your kind words! This is actually our first game so that means a lot to us!